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  • abelsi Industrial Co Ltd is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, in Foshan City. Being situated close to the economically developed cities of Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Shenzen and Zhongshan is ideal for the logistics networks. abelsi Industrial Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer, designing and producing exceptional outdoor furniture. With a factory covering over 12,000sqm, abelsi uses advanced production technology and equipment in the manufacturing process. With a skilled technical design team, strict production and QC personnel and a first-class customer care department, abelsi are justly proud of their attention to detail and resulting quality of products.
  • The abelsi outdoor furniture range consists of various materials such as PE rattan(Brand: Chinese local, REHAU, VIRO, WINTECH, etc.), stainless steel, aluminium, steel, wood, fabric(Brand: Chinese local, Taiwan Axvision, Sunbrella, Sunproof, Sauleda Agora, etc.) and textilene(Brand: Chinese local, Taiwan Xingding, Ferrari, etc.). The seating options are endless and abelsi cater for all aspects of dining, lounging, sunbathing or shading. abelsi furniture is ideally suited to contract applications such as hotels, restaurants, resorts and clubs, whilst the stylish designs are equally at home in a domestic environment.
  • In recent times, abelsi invested heavily in an aluminium powder coating plant. This bold decision was taken in order to control production quality, shorten lead times and reduce outsourcing costs. This addition to the production process has increased efficiency and given abelsi the ability to produce molds for bespoke design requests and future product development.

abelsi Industrial Co Ltd is rapidly becoming a truly worldwide exporter, with clients in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East to name but some. The management philosophy of “Quality first, Customer driven” has been embraced by every member of the workforce and abelsi welcome you to the factory to experience it first-hand. As the outdoor furniture market continues to evolve, abelsi are at the forefront of product design, implementation of new materials and dedicated to maintaining the highest customer care program. It’s all about dedication to the quality, attention to detail and honesty to the client…

Product Features

How to choose the best outdoor patio furniture

Consider your outdoor situation, do you want to dine on a warm summer night? Or is there an outdoor dinner or a birthday party? Or read your favorite books outside of your room. List what you want to do to determine the furniture you need, for example, outdoor tables and chairs for a casual evening cocktail party.

What are the reasons for buying outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture provides a place for pets to rest. You give the birds some wicker chairs, a dog with a wicker sofa, and a wicker table that your cat will love. You only need a few bunches of sunshine, and your pet can enjoy the charm of your outdoor furniture

Hanmei Outdoor Sofa Series

Hanmei outdoor furniture is world famous for its unique outdoor furniture design. Hanmei's new furniture collection is still impressed with the original design and incredible form. Soft curves and soft cushions provide comfort and privacy. The furniture collection is available in a variety of colors to suit your garden terrace or swimming pool.


The stunning outdoor furniture collection designed by Hanmei Outdoor Furniture impresses with modern design and a comfortable exterior. The beautiful round and soft cushions provide a feeling of comfort and create a welcoming feel. Gorgeous rattan garden furniture promises to read a book quietly at a convenient time in the garden, or just spend a few hours relaxing with friends. The collection includes a sofa, a single sofa and a coffee table. Check out the exciting design of these new collections.

Design of the chair

Hyun chair

The chairs we hang, the perfect luxury garden terrace or deck. Like all our outdoor furniture and chairs, we have these super thick cushions 3 and color. Choose from hanging benches or classic egg-shaped chairs that are worn for hours. All are completely flame retardant. These coordinates are in line with our garden so you can build your own exclusive oasis.

Design of the sofa

Beautiful details

The sofa is generally for a friend with a balcony. In fact, it is a good choice to put a casual sofa on the balcony. You can lie down on the sofa or sit and chat with friends to see the outdoors. The scenery is really a very comfortable life.

There are many materials for outdoor sofas. Some are made of aluminum alloy, painted on the surface, and some are hand-woven. The eco-friendly rattan looks elegant and stylish.

What is the size of the outdoor sofa and how to design it. Generally, it is a single sofa or a double sofa. The average general double is 1300*870*910mm, and the single one is 710*870*910mm. In fact, the outdoor sofa size specifications on the market are different. The size of the area to choose from.

Design of tables and chairs

Combination of process quality

Place some tables and chairs outdoors. When friends and family come, you can have a cup of tea together and chat. It is not very warm in this elegant environment. Different places in different environments, you will choose tables and chairs of different materials, such as wooden, wrought, woven or marble. However, in outdoor open spaces, people generally choose marble or plastic materials, because these materials are more waterproof than rain and snow.

There are many styles of outdoor tables and chairs. You can choose the size of your favorite table and chair according to your favorite style.

In today's urban life, work and life will be more or less stressful. When you are physically and mentally exhausted, you can take a break in an elegant environment. It is a good choice, outdoor furniture is getting more and more is widely used. In choosing to buy outdoor furniture, in fact, like other products, you can choose the right one for your own needs and uses.

How to choose the best outdoor patio furniture

  •    Considering your outdoor situation, do you want to dine on a warm summer night? Or is there an outdoor dinner or a birthday party? Or read your favorite books outside of your room. List what you want to do to determine the furniture you need, for example, outdoor tables and chairs for a casual evening cocktail party.

  •  Try it before you buy it, because comfortable patio furniture is like indoor furniture and needs to be used frequently, so you need to try it out and choose a nice and comfortable patio furniture.

  •   Proper maintenance during the winter, such as storage in a garage or basement, can increase the life of your outdoor furniture. Even for teak and wrought iron furniture, attention to maintenance can increase its service life. If you have limited storage space, you can also buy foldable, easy to disassemble, and modular patio furniture for easy storage.

  •    When buying patio furniture, you are not limited to the natural tones of wood, black, white and beige in wicker; or metal. In the world of outdoor furniture, colorful finishes abound. You can choose the right furniture according to the atmosphere of your courtyard.

  •    The old proverb "You get what you pay for" is right for patio furniture. Plastic resin chairs or side tables look great on the shelf and can remain beautiful for a year or two in the sun, but eventually become fragile and lose their vibrant colors. The same is true of some wood products and wicker. Buy carefully before buying, check consumer reports and comments.


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